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Our leading source of inspiration over the last seasons has been predominantly focused on the Gen-Z consumer and their way of life. This season we mainly focused on their way of living, with circular thinking playing a significant role. Circular living combined with the dynamic active/sportive lifestyle of the Gen-Z has required us to search for intelligent/futuristic solutions for most of our daily products, not just apparel.


This seasons design themes heads in two separate directions. On the one hand, Sports-Elite with sporty stripes, tippings and classic color blockings but in new tech executions and intelligent fabrications, create a clean and modern future-retro look. On the other hand, Softwear with contemporary organic cut lines has cozy high-tech qualities.


Essentials, the basic driven part of our collection representing also the logomenia styles catering to lifestyle and activity.

Nature-Architech’, a sophisticated but sporty take on our red line all over photo print showing a blend of nature and city architecture covering many of the main product groups.

Minimalist, features mostly structures and mini-patterns, adding to the collection a refinement and opulence in materials and printing effects.

Modern Heritage reflects the modernistic revival of some iconic styles reinvented on a fabric level and modernizing the established details and design.

Varsity 2.0, stands for a clear message on future retro containing retro color blocking, sporty tippings and tech inspired qualities for lifestyle and activity.

Modern Explorer, styles created with the focus on wandering where comfort is key. The styles contain anti wrinkle, anti odor and most come with a high content of elastane.


The Pre-Fall opens in May with two main leading crisp sporty colors, Puffins Bill orange and Daphne blue, that combine beautifully together and with additional base colors such as black, white and grey mélange. The colors are conveniently interpreted in a relaxed Athleisure mood but also within the more active-sports part of our collection.