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What to pack for a business trip

Business trips are always more than a 9-5 affair. There will be client meetings followed by dinners with colleagues, and you might even have the chance to catch a few sights. With business and leisure crossing over, it can be a challenge to maintain a professional appearance from morning till night. Read on for our selection of failsafe business trip outfits, which will allow you to focus on the task at hand.


At work, you need to figure out priorities, and this applies to your business trip packing too. Number one: make sure your on-duty look is perfectly on point. For meetings and events, this deep-blue wool suit and sharp cotton shirt make a timeless statement, and also offer hidden benefits. The shirt is enriched with an aloe-vera treatment for added softness and comfort – perfect for long days. As for the tailoring, we have selected The Washable Suit, which can be easily laundered without having to wait for dry cleaning. It is also designed to be worn as separates, which will come into play later in your trip.


While travelling, you’ll want to be comfortable but still put-together. Take an elevated approach to dressing down with these tracksuit trousers and hooded sweatshirt, crafted from wool and cotton with a touch of cashmere. The soft, breathable fabric will help you get rest on your journey, while the rich materials perfectly strike the balance of ease and elegance. Add some sleek white sneakers for when you need to dash from plane or train to taxi. This is not the time to be fashionably late.


Even the most driven among us need time to recharge. During an evening or Sunday afternoon off, take in what your new destination has to offer, and spark your creativity. For sartorial inspiration, however, just gaze below at these casual classics – a perfectly-cut white T-shirt, timeless polo, indigo jeans, and chinos taken up a notch with colour.


A work trip doesn’t need to get in the way of your fitness routine. In fact, having a gym in your hotel may provide new-found motivation. But your colleagues (including your boss) could have the same idea, so keep this in mind when packing your workout look. Sharp sportswear in rich fabrics will add a healthy dose of style to your exercise regime.


An evening or dinner out may not be quite as formal as the boardroom, but it still requires some effort. This is where your suit comes into play for the second time. Mix things up by wearing the trousers with a collarless shirt and bomber jacket. Slip on your leather Derbies, and you’re ready for the evening.