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What to wear to every type of wedding

You can almost guarantee that as spring begins, the wedding invitations will start coming in thick and fast. Figuring out what to wear can be overwhelming – especially when it comes to non-traditional celebrations. Whether you’re heading out to the countryside or staying in the city, scroll down for our advice on how to look the part, whatever the style of the nuptials.


When you’re invited to attend a wedding in the city, you might as well face facts: you’re going to have to pull out all the stops. Men should steer clear of anything that could also be worn to the office – a double-breasted suit with sharp lapels is perfect for a more formal ceremony. Women can also win with the tailored approach: opt for a bold pantsuit or a structured dress, and pair with minimal accessories for a sophisticated touch.


Since these type of affairs usually take place after 6pm, you’ll need to dress party-appropriate. Sharp tailoring woven with a degree of stretch is a must for men, and for those who usually find themselves on the dancefloor, a white dress shirt disguises perspiration better than other colors. Women can be as daring as they want to be without upstaging the bride (just remember to avoid white). Find yourself a high-impact dress in a striking silhouette and combine with statement accessories.


You can guess that at a country wedding there might be a fair amount of time spent in the open air, so footwear should be stylish but outdoor-appropriate. Men should opt for a fresh summer suit in a classic silhouette, in true gentlemanly fashion. Women are advised to go for a fully lined dress, preferably in a striking silhouette, like the one below. We advise that both sexes take along a lightweight cover-up in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.


Beach ceremonies are up there with the most difficult to dress for. Most guests struggle to find the right balance between over- and under-dressed. For men, temperature control is paramount, and the combination of a crisp white shirt and lightweight chinos creates a look that is refined enough for the occasion, yet appropriate for the location. For women, a no-frills dress with a flattering silhouette is always the best option. Footwear-wise it’s best to stick to sneakers and platform sandals – unless you want to end up with sand between your toes.