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Founded in 1863 in Limoges, France, a region possessing kaolin, fresh water and forests, which are all needed to make porcelain, Bernardaud has built its brand name based on the core values: fusion between tradition and innovation, excellence in craftsmanship and application of industrial processes.

Throughout the history of over 150 years, Bernardaud has successfully established itself as a prominent porcelain brand with distinguished simplicity, elegance and utmost quality. In addition to its worldwide marketed tableware designs, Bernardaud’s strength lies in its ability to develop various product categories, such as giftware & jewelry, art pieces, interior decoration and chef’s tables.

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The Aux Oiseaux collection takes its inspiration from the curiosity cabinets of the 16th and 17th centuries – a precursor to the contemporary museum – and is poetically reminiscent of Japanese prints. This collection depicts a vibrant flock of birds elegantly perched on golden stylized branches. Above them, the colorful butterflies add a touch of vitality to the background on exquisite Limoges porcelain. Aux Oiseaux successfully illustrates Bernardaud’s unique aesthetics and masterful porcelain craftsmanship.


On his creation of Kintsugi collection for Bernardaud, Sarkis once said, “I am fascinated by this Japanese art called “Kintsugi” from the 16th century, which is to make visible repairs on ceramic made with a mix of lacquer and gold giving an even greater aesthetic value”. In his artistic life, Sarkis’s works are always associated with memories and nostalgic values. This unique conception is subtly represented in the Kintsugi collection, featuring not only stunning aesthetics, but also a meaningfull message of embracing flaws and imperfection.

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Constance offers all the refinement of the Empire style. Acorns, Oak and laurel leave – the symbols of strength, longevity and peace – are delicately arranged and appear as if painted by an artist’s brush in watercolors.

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