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For over 30 years, Marc Jacobs has approached fashion in a very unique philosophy: more rebellious, unpredictable and versatile. Founded in 1984 by the designer of the same name, Marc Jacobs has stood out in the fashion world with its exuberant creativity, and the ability to incorporate street style into high-end fashion. Instead of making evening wear or couture, the brand aims at trendy and applicable designs. That’s why the aesthetic of each collection changes from season to season. Marc Jacob wants to create outfits that attract all eyes and stand out from the crowd. They use colors to tell their own stories and are not afraid to challenge themselves with the boldest hues.


No one can predict what Marc Jacobs will do, but everyone can believe that it will be eye-catching with interesting twists. Marc Jacobs’s transformation in the past is clearly necessary and very timely. After ups and downs with many re-directions, now Marc Jacobs has caught up with the contemporary fashion world and is stronger than ever with its new approach that attracts more new customers.

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The success of Marc Jacobs is associated with a series of new and modern handbag lines suitable for the dynamic rhythm of urban lifestyle. The Tote Bag, Snapshot, Camera Bag or J Marc are in turn hunted and collected by fashion enthusiasts. They are easily applicable to every style thanks to their unflashy yet unique designs, which add an interesting highlight for any outfit.


The personal statements of many fashion lovers have been amplified like never before with designs from Marc Jacobs’ Monogram collection, which features the endless strings of characters that are seamlessly tied together – a response to the “logomania” trend, and also an affirmation that: logo will never be outdated, never disappear.

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Marc Jacobs VIETNAM

L1-05,06 Saigon Centre,
67 Le Loi, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Opening time: 9:30 – 21:30
Tel: +84 28 35358799
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